Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 "Hypothetical" Games We Can't Wait to See This NFL Season

30 "Hypothetical" Games We Can't Wait to See This NFL Season
1.Week 1Wednesday9/5/2012Cowboys@GiantsNBC8:30 PMThe 2012 NFL Season kicks off with two fierce division rivals, who closed the 2011 NFL Regular Season
2.Week 1Sunday9/9/2012Redskins@EaglesFOX1:00 PMRGIII gets his first taste of the NFL in Philadelphia
3.Week 1Sunday9/9/2012Panthers@SaintsFOX1:00 PMHow will the Saints season fare without Sean Payton?
4.Week 1Sunday9/9/2012Colts@JaguarsCBS1:00 PMThe #1 overall pick, Andrew Luck, tries to turn around a franchise starting in Jacksonville
5.Week 1Sunday9/9/2012Steelers@RavensCBS1:00 PMThis divisional rivalry is as physical as they come, and we won't have to wait long to see it
6.Week 1Sunday9/9/201249ers@PatriotsFOX4:15 PMTwo teams that fell short to the Giants in their Super Bowl run square off in this Week 1 matchup
7.Week 1Sunday9/9/2012Texans@BroncosNBC8:20 PMPeyton Manning.  Denver.  Week 1.  Sunday Night Football.
8.Week 1Monday9/10/2012Packers@LionsESPN7:00 PMESPN's Week 1 double-header features an NFC North divisional battle, and the 2012 Gruden-Bowl
Monday9/10/2012Buccaneers@RaidersESPN10:15 PM
9.Week 2Thursday9/13/2012Broncos@ChargersNFLN8:20 PMWe don't think anyone will get tired of seeing Peyton Manning in primetime as a Bronco
10.Week 2Sunday9/16/2012Jets@PatriotsNBC8:20 PMLet's see if Bill Belichick is still a "jerk" to Darrelle Revis
11.Week 3Sunday9/23/2012Steelers@BroncosCBS4:15 PMI have a feeling this Playoffs rematch will be a little bit different than last year
12.Week 6Sunday10/14/2012Saints@PackersNBC8:20 PMCan this game possibly live up to their Opening Night matchup from one year ago?
13.Week 6Monday10/15/2012Bills@PatriotsESPN8:30 PMTom Brady, meet Mario Williams
14.Week 7Sunday10/21/2012Giants@49ersNBC8:20 PMLast year, the Giants and 49ers split their two matchups, but the Giants won the game that mattered
15.Week 8Sunday10/28/2012Patriots@RamsCBS1:00 PMNFL in London.  Can the Rams pull off the upset in Wembley Stadium?
16.Week 8Monday10/29/2012Ravens@TexansESPN8:30 PMAnother Playoffs rematch.  Let's see if the Texans fare a little differently with Matt Schaub under center
17.Week 10Sunday11/11/2012Redskins@RamsFOX1:00 PMWith one of the largest trades in the history of the NFL Draft made, let's see how both teams fare up to Week 10
18.Week 10Sunday11/11/2012Patriots@RavensCBS4:05 PMWhat is the over/under of how many Billy Cundiff replays this game will feature?
19.Week 10Sunday11/11/2012Packers@SeahawksNBC8:20 PMMatt Flynn gets his first crack at beating his former team on NBC
20.Week 11Thursday11/15/2012Raiders@BengalsNFLN8:20 PMCarson Palmer makes his return to Cincinnati for Thursday Night Football on NFL Network
21.Week 12Thursday11/22/2012Texans@LionsCBS12:30 PMThe NFL Thanksgiving classic features the traditional Lions and Cowboys home games,
Thursday11/22/2012Saints@CowboysFOX4:15 PMas well as the Patriots visiting the up-and-coming Titans
Thursday11/22/2012Patriots@TitansNBC8:20 PM
22.Week 12Sunday11/25/2012Broncos@RavensNBC8:20 PMAn AFC matchup of two teams with Super Bowl expectations
23.Week 13Sunday12/2/2012Bills@TexansCBS1:00 PMWho Says You Can't Go Home? Mario Williams travels back home to Houston
24.Week 13Sunday12/2/2012Packers@GiantsFOX4:05 PMThe Packers seek revenge for their early Playoffs exit from last year
25.Week 13Sunday12/2/2012Broncos@PatriotsCBS4:15 PMTom Brady vs. Peyton Manning.  Does anything else need to be said?
26.Week 14Thursday12/6/2012Jets@JaguarsNFLN8:20 PMThe New York Jets travel to Jacksonville in the Tim TeBowl
27.Week 15Sunday12/16/2012Giants@CowboysFOX4:15 PMThis game is sure to have major implications for the NFC East with the NFL Playoffs right around the corner
28.Week 15Sunday12/16/2012Eagles@SteelersNBC8:20 PMA Pennsylvania knock 'em down, drag 'em out style game on Sunday Night Football
29.Week 16Sunday12/23/201249ers@SaintsNBC8:20 PMTheir 2011 Divisional Round Playoffs matchup featured 28 points in the final 4:11.  Will the offensive fireworks continue?
30.Week 16Monday12/24/2012Broncos@RaidersESPN8:00 PMESPN brings you Peyton Manning in the Black Hole on Christmas Eve.

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